: 9
With VAT: Yes
born: 2010
sex: gelding
colour: bay
height: M
studbook: Holstein


Casall ASK  Caretino  Caletto II 
Kira XVII  Lavall I 
Wanda xx  Corofino II  Corrado I 
Valeska IV 
Helena V  Lavall II 
Wienna I 

Cheeker has everything to develop into a show jumping horse for the big sport. He jumped very convincingly at the stallion selection and was there spotted for the auction. A horse with a magnificent appearance and very fine jumping manners which strongly reminds one of his sire Casall. 

With Casall and Corofino II in his pedigree, Cheecker has an interesting background. His grandam Helena V jumped at 1.40m level, as did her product Cochise (Corofino II). Great-grandam Wienna I produced a 1.30m and a 1.40m level show jumping horse. Show jumping genes have been anchored here for generations.