Constance loves the sport and will do anything for her rider


One of the most successful horses, auctioned at the Sale of the Rising Stars, is the 9-year-old Grand Prix mare Constance (Indoctro x Animo), ridden by Jessica Mendoza. Owner Milena Papas is incredible happy with her. Read below.

“Constance is a horse with huge confidence and determination! I came across the auction Sale of the Rising Stars by accident and when I looked into it more, I saw a video of Constance. She was the only 6-year-old. As due to her fantastic breeding papers she had had a foal so was late to start into the sport. I have a breeding company (PremiuMares) and she was very interesting, so we went to try her.”

“Constance was weak (she was only a few months under saddle) but her spirit and courage were second to none, while her rideability is unique! Constance was always left behind, as I had too many horses, so from a level of 1.15m she went almost directly to the 7-yr-olds, while her first Grand Prix was merely 1,5 year ago! She immediately showed her talent, so we decided to send her to a professional rider to achieve her full potential.”

“Constance is a one-rider horse, so it needed to be someone who would believe in her and give her the time she needed to grow into herself. Jessica Mendoza turned out to be just the best choice! Jess is a positive rider, always going forward but very meticulous at home and working a lot on the horse's flat - which is exactly what the mare needed. Constance still has a lot to learn, but she loves the sport and will do anything for her rider!”

“Constance is leaving for Florida in a couple months to gain experience there before coming back. She is already doing the 5* competitions at age 9, and she has everything it takes to excel in the most demanding competitions of that level!”

Milena Papas, owner of Constance

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