Peig van Amerongen: 'SOTRS horses firmly en route to the top end of the sport.


Last edition of the Sale of the Rising Stars, Peig van Amerongen from Ireland became the new ower of the 5-year-old Floyd O (Carthino Z x Ferro). With 160,000 euros this increcible talented show jumper was the prize highlight of 2015. Peig also has been owner of the formal auction horse Castlefield's Denver (Quasimodo Z x Ulft), winner of the silver medal at the 2013 FEI World Breeding Championships with Bertram Allen (IRL). In January she will come to Drachten again! Read here her testimonial:

"Teus van Den Brink has an exceptionally sharp eye for spotting the ability and future potential in a young horse. This, combined with Dennis and Stefanie's talent and the whole family's dedication and hard work means they not only present the highest quality, but also provide you with the best natured horses that become your partners.  
Denver was an example of a wonderful find from the SOTRS. He was originally sold by Teus in 2013 and then re sold to us as a 5 year old. He was an extraordinary horse and is beyond description as the feeling on him spoke for itself. I have never ridden anything like him. For an animal with such unbelievable power and personality, he had a gentle mind and an innocence that made him so incredibly special. The attention to detail in finding this type of horse so early on in its career is what you can expect when visiting the SOTRS.
Coming to the 2015 SOTRS we had no particular horse in mind but someone like Floyd is hard to walk away from! He has a very strong presence that stands out high above the rest and holds all the qualities you wish for - he is big and brave, extra careful with scope to burn yet always remaining an elegant mover with a relaxed, easy going temperament. Floyd has the mind of an older experienced horse but as much will and enthusiasm to learn as a younger horse and the most important thing is he wants to work with you, not against. He will fight for you when you need him most and that's not something you can teach. 
This season was quiet for Floyd, he performed extremely well in a handful of young horse classes and learnt a lot in International rings such as Lummen and Millstreet, showing just how exciting he will be. For a while now I have been sidelined from injury so Floyd has been sympathetically produced this year by Neal Fearon and Nicholas Butler. There is no rush for him as he has a very bright future ahead. At the beginning of next year we hope to bring Floyd on a tour to further his experience, and then perhaps aim him at Zangersheide in September. 
It is always a pleasure to watch a young talented horse progress and grow but when such a horse has been found at the SOTRS it is never a surprise that it's firmly en route to the top end of the sport."

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