Sale of the Rising Stars continues in 2021


When Jumping Zwolle was cancelled because of the Corona virus, also the annual Sale of the Rising Stars seemed to come to an end.  Although Teus van den Brink did look for other possibilities to auction his young showjumping horses, he eventually decided to make 2021 his next target.


“We hope to be able to celebrate the third edition of Jumping Zwolle next year, again in combination with my auction. This year there were so many online auctions that you could no longer see the wood for the trees. Naturally I considered the possibility of doing the same but, quite honestly, I am not so sure that online auctions can do so well for real quality horses that would normally fall into a higher price range. Clients from abroad can not come over and any trying out has become fairly complicated affair these days, the Corona rules changing all the time.”


Nevertheless, Van den Brink Stables has not been sitting on its hands in the past year. “In spite of the Corona troubles, we manged to sell a horse here and there, sometimes even via other auctions. The most special horses I kept. I think that I have maybe ten 4- and 5-yr-olds in my stables that are of exceptional class. They would have made super auction horses. Well, they can grow up for another year, unless there is a client. Everyone is always welcome and can try out and buy that super horse at my place.”


Author: Wendy Scholten