: 12
With VAT: Yes
Sold for: € 19000
born: 2020
sex: -
colour: --
studbook: --

Chacco Blue  Chambertin  Cambridge 
Desiree VII 
Contara  Contender 
Godahra II 
Viola XIII  Cassini I  Capitol I 
Gaima  Lord 
Zita XI 

 Are you also a fan of Chacco Blue? Then this is an excellent chance to get offspring of him out of a fine, sporty mares line. For the first time we auction an embryo which will be born in February 2020. 


There is no weekend or a Chacco Blue product ends high up in a Grand Prix. There is a good chance that this still unborn foal will later perform at top level. It also has plenty of sport genes on the dam’s side. Dam Viola XXIII (Cassini I) is a half-sister of, amongst others, the 1.60m level showjumping horse Criptonite (Cento) who won team bronze for Mexico at the 2011 PanAmerican Games with Enrique Gonzalez, the 1.50m level showjumping horse Cordano (Coronado) and two 1.40m level showjumping horses. The same family also produced the 1.60m Grand Prix stallion Corrado 123 (Corrado I).


The 9-yr-old host mare is not included in the price.


  Dam Viola XXIII (Cassini I x Lord) is a (half)sister of:
🔸 1.60m GP horse Criptonite (Cento) who won team bronze for Mexico at the 2011 PanAmerican Games with Enrique Gonzalez
🔸 1.50m GP horse Cordano San Remo (Coronado), riders Rafael Amaral Rodrigues and Maddalena Valenzano Menada
🔸 1.40m level horse Constantin (Corrado), rider Martin Haunhorst
🔸 1.40m level horse Call Him Creek (Cassini I), riders Hengststation Rene Tebbel and Jan Wernke
and two 1.30/1.20m showjumping horses

Offspring of Viola XXIII are:
🔸 1.45m horse Quisito 2 (Quidam de Revel), rider Bern Wilmsmann
🔸 1.40m horse Margot 8 (Quidam de Revel), riders Juan Manuel Luzardo & Juan Pablo Gaspar Albanez
🔸 1.45m horse Diamond (Diamant de Semilly), riders Shannon Clifford
🔸 Licensed stallion Ti Amo de Bahia (Diamant de Semilly)

The same family also produced:
🔹 1.60m GP stallion Corrado 123 (Corrado I), rider Joachim Heyer
🔹 1.60m GP horse La Belle J (Limbus), rider Tobias Schwarz
🔹 1.60m GP horse For Cash 2 (For Pleasure), rider Anita Sande
🔹 1.55m GP horse Acorat 5 (Acorado I), rider Jens Christ